Blanokřídlí České a Slovenské republiky II. Širopasí (2020)- J. Macek

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The second part of a series of bee atlases, in an expanded form, including, together with the fauna of the Czech Republic, also species occurring in Slovakia, is a continuation of the first part, published ed by the public several years ago. The texts are accompanied by photographs of adults as well as detailed depictions of important identifying features, including the genitals of both sexes where necessary. Undoubtedly the most significant contribution of this publication are depictions of larval stages. This is their first comprehensive published overview, and thus the publication represents a certain uniqueness in this specialized field not only within the domestic but also worldwide popular science literature. In addition, images of larvae of some species, data on their nutrient plants and bionomy are presented in this publication for the first time, which, among other things, emphasizes its scientific contribution.

ISBN: 978-80-200-2999-7

hardcover, 670 pages, czech

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